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Green Lizard Coffee Shop

At Green Lizard Cycling we obsess over the details that make riding a bike a sublime experience.  We are engineers at heart and that leads us to include food and drinks to make sure you are ready to ride your bike, stay fueled as you ride,  and can recover from a great ride. To do that we needed to focus on all those details that make each item we offer at the coffee bar the very best it can be, every time. 

For coffee, our journey began in Alaska when we met the Kaladi Brothers and their coffee.  Their skill and consistency in roasting and serving a superior coffee won us over for the decades we were there.  We get beans from them on a weekly basis.  But to make great coffee, it takes not only great beans but quality equipment and the right detailed process.  It starts with water. We filter all the town water to assure your coffee is made with nothing, but H2O. Not only that, the water is ph adjusted so you can enjoy the subtle natural acidity Kaladi intended.   We make our espresso drinks with equipment from Nuova Simonelli, the choice of the Barista Championships, and Italian makers of espresso machines since 1936. We set the Simonelli grinder for just the right grind for the Kaladi Brothers Trieste beans. We use their Appia machine the delivers a consistent soft pre-load, pull, and the right temperature every time, no matter how many we make, so you can be assured it is consistent every time you get a cup. For drip coffee and cold brew, we use a larger grind with Kaladi Brothers Red Goat, with notes of Molasses, wine, chocolate, and nut and Kaladi Brothers Sumatra Mutu Batak with its low acidity and herbal, full bodied taste. We use BUNN equipment for drip and cold brew as they make the very best grinders and drip machines for commercial quantities. Whether you are getting a to go cup or a mug to enjoy with friends at the store or out front, let us know how we are doing and enjoy the Green Lizard Cycling coffee experience.

All our baked goods, soups, and sandwiches are sourced locally here in Herndon from community businesses or made in store.

All of our grab and go nutrition is picked with a purpose and we offer a large selection.  Not sure which one is the best for you and your ride? Ask us, and we will make sure you launch with the best choice.