Pinarello Dogma K8-S Disk Frameset

Pinarello Dogma K8-S Disk Frameset
Image differs from actual product (full bike shown)
  • Image differs from actual product (full bike shown)
  • Image differs from actual product (full bike shown)
  • Image differs from actual product (full bike shown)
  • Image differs from actual product (full bike shown)
  • Image differs from actual product (full bike shown)
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When Team Sky needed an edge for cobbled sections of the Tour and races like Paris Roubaix, Pinarello designed the Dogma K8-S Disk, a bike that Sir Bradley Wiggins called a "game changer." That small shock you see in the back provides just enough travel to take the edge off sharp hits and repeated vibrations. These things sap your energy over the course of a day or a race. By saving that energy, when it comes time to drop the hammer, your legs are ready. Of course, the K8-S Disk is quick, nimble and a dream to ride, after all, it's still a Pinarello. From Pinarello's super high-end T1100 carbon to the stiff chainstays to the wind-cheating FlatBack tube shapes, everything on the Dogma is crafted for speed. A seamlessly integrated tapered head tube housing Pinarello's voluptuous carbon fork provides laser-like steering while reducing wind resistance and weight. The braking on this steed is handled by discs, which increase braking power and speed modulation, while the thru axles provide increased stiffness. And, the sleek, internal cable routing allows you to run either electronic or mechanical shifting systems, with interchangeable cable stops for Campagnolo, Shimano, or SRAM components.


Frame Pinarello T1100 1K Carbon
Fork Pinarello Onda carbon w/tapered steerer
Headset Upper 1-1/8 - Lower 1-1/2
Bottom Bracket Italian Threaded
Seatpost Pinarello Air8 Aero

* Subject to change without notice.

Part Numbers

Option MPN
034 Black/Red / 44cm PI-17-DK8D-44-BKRD
034 Black/Red / 46.5cm PI-17-DK8D-46.5-BKRD
034 Black/Red / 50cm PI-17-DK8D-50-BKRD
034 Black/Red / 51.5cm PI-17-DK8D-51.5-BKRD
034 Black/Red / 53cm PI-17-DK8D-53-BKRD
034 Black/Red / 54cm PI-17-DK8D-54-BKRD
034 Black/Red / 55cm PI-17-DK8D-55-BKRD
034 Black/Red / 56cm PI-17-DK8D-56-BKRD
034 Black/Red / 57.5cm PI-17-DK8D-57.5-BKRD
034 Black/Red / 59.5cm PI-17-DK8D-59.5-BKRD
037 All Black / 44cm PI-17-DK8D-44-BLCK
037 All Black / 46.5cm PI-17-DK8D-46.5-BLCK
037 All Black / 50cm PI-17-DK8D-50-BLCK
037 All Black / 51.5cm PI-17-DK8D-51.5-BLCK
037 All Black / 53cm PI-17-DK8D-53-BLCK
037 All Black / 54cm PI-17-DK8D-54-BLCK
037 All Black / 55cm PI-17-DK8D-55-BLCK
037 All Black / 56cm PI-17-DK8D-56-BLCK
037 All Black / 57.5cm PI-17-DK8D-57.5-BLCK
037 All Black / 59.5cm PI-17-DK8D-59.5-BLCK
035 Carbon/Yellow Fluo / 44cm PI-17-DK8D-44-BKFL
035 Carbon/Yellow Fluo / 46.5cm PI-17-DK8D-46.5-BKFL
035 Carbon/Yellow Fluo / 50cm PI-17-DK8D-50-BKFL
035 Carbon/Yellow Fluo / 51.5cm PI-17-DK8D-51.5-BKFL
035 Carbon/Yellow Fluo / 53cm PI-17-DK8D-53-BKFL
035 Carbon/Yellow Fluo / 54cm PI-17-DK8D-54-BKFL
035 Carbon/Yellow Fluo / 55cm PI-17-DK8D-55-BKFL
035 Carbon/Yellow Fluo / 56cm PI-17-DK8D-56-BKFL
035 Carbon/Yellow Fluo / 57.5cm PI-17-DK8D-57.5-BKFL
035 Carbon/Yellow Fluo / 59.5cm PI-17-DK8D-59.5-BKFL
038 Red/Black / 44cm PI-17-DK8D-44-RDBK
038 Red/Black / 46.5cm PI-17-DK8D-46.5-RDBK
038 Red/Black / 50cm PI-17-DK8D-50-RDBK
038 Red/Black / 51.5cm PI-17-DK8D-51.5-RDBK
038 Red/Black / 53cm PI-17-DK8D-53-RDBK
038 Red/Black / 54cm PI-17-DK8D-54-RDBK
038 Red/Black / 55cm PI-17-DK8D-55-RDBK
038 Red/Black / 56cm PI-17-DK8D-56-RDBK
038 Red/Black / 57.5cm PI-17-DK8D-57.5-RDBK
038 Red/Black / 59.5cm PI-17-DK8D-59.5-RDBK
036 White/Black / 44cm PI-17-DK8D-44-WTBK
036 White/Black / 46.5cm PI-17-DK8D-46.5-WTBK
036 White/Black / 50cm PI-17-DK8D-50-WTBK
036 White/Black / 51.5cm PI-17-DK8D-51.5-WTBK
036 White/Black / 53cm PI-17-DK8D-53-WTBK
036 White/Black / 54cm PI-17-DK8D-54-WTBK
036 White/Black / 55cm PI-17-DK8D-55-WTBK
036 White/Black / 56cm PI-17-DK8D-56-WTBK
036 White/Black / 57.5cm PI-17-DK8D-57.5-WTBK
036 White/Black / 59.5cm PI-17-DK8D-59.5-WTBK