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"You First" matched Bike Purchase

You need to be fit for the bike you are looking to purchase and be positioned for your goals.  This is offered for free on any bike purchased at Green Lizard and takes from 30 minutes to an hour. This is our most basic level of fit, but it is far from just eyeballing it.  At the time of purchase, we will determine the correct size, and then set your saddle height, saddle fore/aft, handlebar height and reach. Upon request, parts consultation and/or recommendations are offered, and saddle width and arch height could be measured. The goal of these adjustments is give the rider the most comfortable position possible on the new bike.  If you are unsure if a fit is needed or right for you see the Green Lizard Commonly asked Fit Questions.

      Please note that this is a basic fitting appropriate for many bikes.   It does not include fit reports or advanced analysis. We strongly encourage discussing with us upgrading to the most appropriate Green Lizard Fit for your goals and bike type to get the most out of your new bike, and we do offer a discount for new bike purchases on these fits.