Why A Green Lizard Fit

We believe fitting is part of a total care process to ensure you are thrilled and pleased with how you and the bike work together to make you successful in all your goals, from around the block to winning an Ironman. Our philosophy has always been to treat everyone as we would like to be treated and add value to everything we do.  The fit is all about YOU! 

Loving your bike

It has been said a bicycle is the most interactive and biomechanically connected piece of sporting equipment most people will ever buy. Each person is unique and it's critical to start with that in mind and be focused on the rider first. We want to make sure your needs are met on a bike that lets you reach your potential. The aim of the Green Lizard fitting process is to integrate all the upper level professional skills and experience of our team of professionals to make you a success. No matter what price level you are buying, there is no reason to compromise on getting a ride you can love for a lifetime. That is why Green Lizard starts the bike purchase process with a new bike fit.

Our Green Lizard Complete Fit Process


Welcome to your appointment and a brief Q & A to understand whether you are buying a bike, fixing a problem, or aiming for a major competitive objective.  If you are buying a new bike, we offer a new bike sizing fit first to make sure we are putting you on a bike that is best for you. It's free with any new bike purchase at Green Lizard.  We get asked a lot of questions about the hows and whys of fits. Please see our commonly asked questions for why I should get a fit.

Step 2

Meet our fitter, our service and support team and schedule a fit if needed.  Our top fitter, Clovis Anderson, has been fitting bikes for over 25 years. He is a certified coach, fitter, and Olympic Cyclist. See his full credentials here.  If you are aiming for a significant competitive objective, we want to make sure we include in your process an equipment status and setup review and strength training needs review.  Clovis can help you decide on which of the Green Lizard fits will best meet your needs and the bike you have or intend to purchase. 

Step 3

Rider Interview

  1. Your goals as a rider/multi-sport athlete
  2. Injury history
  3. Riders experience
  4. How do you feel riding on your bike?
  5. Does something hurt riding?

Step 4

Perform the fit best for you

Step 5

Follow up

If you are new to a bike or we have made adjustments, it will take time for your body to adapt.  So now it's time to ride! Once you have gotten some miles in its time to come back and make sure everything is working as expected and you are confident in your ride.

Tools we use for fit

We are at the forefront of the drive for the ever better bike fit.  As the technology advances the tools improve and change.  You can always be sure we will use the best tools available to give you a superior fit.  Below is a list of some of the current tools we use.

DIM Video Capture Analysis.

Guru Bike fit

ALine footbeds