Wilier Cento10NDR Disc

Green Lizard Cycling is a Wilier dealer and Demo Center.  The NDR has been one of our most popular Wilier's this year.  With Shimano DI2 or SRAM ETAP and flat mount discs, you will not see a wire in site.  To a lovely clean look, Wilier has added an elastomer on the seat stays, which does not affect seat to pedal distance, but makes for a smooth ride and linear power transfer. With quick handling, sprinter responsiveness, and room for up to 28 tires this will handle all types of road surface.  Fitted to YOU this is a dream ride day in day out.  It is one of our most popular bikes.

To find out more about what makes the Wilier Cento10NDR and see color options go to the Wilier Cento10NDR.

Wilier Cento10AIR

Come to the Green Lizard Demo center and find out why the Cento10AIR is the choice of the Wilier professional race team.  Wilier prides itself on race bikes that are super quick and put every watt to the ground.  You barely have to steer, its that responsive. The frame is aero and there is even a disc version available with the no cables look.  This bike will give you a demo ride you will not soon forget.  We currently have an outstanding Shimano Dura-Ace build ready to go at a great price.

Wilier Cent01 Hybrid

While Wilier calls this a Hybrid it hardly performs like one.  With a Wilier race geometry and electric assist up to 20 MPH, which is much fast than allowed in Europe, this is the bike that will keep you moving up those long hills and prevent fall off the back of the group feeling.  This can be the equalizer is any riding relationship. Assist comes in multiple levels including off and with disc brakes this a machine to put a smile on your face. Come give one a try and see what it feel like to ride an electric bike that feels light and nimble.