You had a great season and got in the miles.

2017 was a great year for riding a bike and lots of Green Lizard customers got in an epic number of miles.  Their bike worked great, but now its not working so hard and on reflection some things seem to need tweaking. As they improve in skill and distance many folks are surprised that things wear out, but they do.  Typically chains, tires, shifting cables, cassettes and to a lesser degree shifters and bearings.  If you haven't had your bike serviced in years or rode more than 2,000 miles last year we strongly recommend one of our service packages.  Come in and we would be happy to discuss.

Indoor class corrosion 

Indoor class with Velolabs is a great way to be primed to perform in the spring.  You work hard and sweat a lot.  That sweat is not your bike's friend. Sweat is a salty biologic fluid that gets into many parts of your bike.  To prevent long term corrosion issues in cables, chains, headsets and bottom brackets, a Green Lizard bike wash and checkout will keep your bike in top form for the spring.

Winter time sand and grit

Some of us use our indoor trainer as a motivator to get outside, even if its freezing.  Its great to get outside in the fresh crisp air.  The down side is the roads are covered with sand, salt, and other winter time grit that gets into every thing.  They can really accelerate the wear on chains and cassettes.  A bike wash and service checkout will prevent prematurely needing to replace them.

Service options

Be ready for warm weather

With service times short in the winter its a great time to not only get a Green Lizard comprehensive service, but to do that upgrade you have been dreaming about.  The Green Lizard service staff has deep and long experience with all kinds of bikes, even ones from the pro peloton.  They have the time to  discuss with you what the best upgrade might be for your bike.  From a new chain, to new wheels, new super slick cables or even a new electronic shifting group. Make sure you go into the spring with the best bike you can.