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Fresh Brewed Coffee                                                    

         Kaladi Bros. Red Goat or Sumatra

Cold Brewed Iced Coffee                                              

         Kaladi Bros. Red Goat

The "Hannah"

          Iced Trieste 2 shot Latte, Almond Milk, Sugar Free Caramel

          A lovely wind up without the calories


         2 shots of Trieste over water

         go half water for the best body

Sludge - an Americano on steroids and sure to make you ride faster                                                                            

         2 shots of Trieste in your choice of brewed coffee


         2 shots of Trieste espresso


         2 shots of Trieste over foamed milk


          2 shots of Trieste, steamed milk, foam

Flat White                                                                        

         2 shots of Trieste, micro-foamed milk


         2 shots of espresso, foam, steamed milk


      2 shots of espresso, steamed chocolate milk

Soy, Coconut or Almond milk available


Chai Latte                                                                        

      Oregon Chai and steamed milk

Hot Tea                                                                              

      Stash Brand Teas

Iced Tea                                                                              

      The classic unsweetened Lipton tea


Jeff Ball

      Iced-Mocha, whole milk, leave out the espresso shots

Italian Soda                                                                        

      Club soda and your choice of syrup

Kerry's favorite Hot Chocolate                                    

      DaVinci chocolate syrup and milk

Marco & Mario

      Large mocha with caramel added.

Orange Juice                                                                      


Real Fruit Smoothies

Made with all natural ingredients from Beth's secret Alaskan Bush recipes.  Try a Mr. Anderson recovery smoothie with anti-oxidant blueberries, kicking strawberries, and whey protein with lots of BCAA's or try a Viet Velo tropical smoothie with mango and pineapple with a taste as smooth as a tropical Pacific breeze.

    Blueberry, Strawberry, Mango, Pineapple            
   Add unflavored whey protein isolate (recommended by the amazing Mr. Anderson) for enhanced recovery        

Sandwiches/Pita Pizzas

Ham & Swiss or Turkey & Provolone                        

       Wheat bread/lettuce & tomato/chips

Pita Pizza $5.99

      Cheese or pepperoni

Misc. Food

Umpqua Steel Cut Oatmeal  

Fresh Bananas

Soup of the day/10oz. and crackers                                                                              

Muffins - fresh and baked here in Herndon                                                                            

Pop Tarts - a hand made in Herndon version on an American classic without the preservatives                                                                          

Cookies -  thick and rich and fresh baked in Herndon                                                                        

Rice Crispy Treats -  a hand made in Herndon version on an American classic without the preservatives                                                          


Grab and Go Nutritional Items & Meal Substitutes

Clif Nut Butter Bars

Skratch Labs Single Use and Multi-portion packs

Beta Red

Pickle Juice

Bonk Breakers

Honey Stinger Chews                                                  

Honey Stinger Waffles                                              

GU Gels/Roctane                                                                            

GU Chews                                                                    

GU Stroopwafel                                                            

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars                                            

Untapped Maple Waffle                                            

Untapped Maple Syrup Packet

R Bars