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Here at Green Lizard we are very excited about adding the world class engineering marvels that are Cervelo bikes to our shop.  These are bikes with a long history of being built with a purpose in mind. If you are looking for that surgical tool to reach your cycling goals, Cervelo has the bike. You can find out more about what makes Cervelo engineering so special at this link Cervelo Engineering. You can watch video's about Cervelo at this link Cervelo Videos. Below are models and links to more information.


PX Series

Years of dedicated research, development, and testing, all focussed on building the perfect bikes for triathletes.

Ideal for: Half Triathlons / Full Triathlons

Time Trial and Triathlon

P Series

We dedicated years of R&D to make the P-Series the most aerodynamic, user-friendly, and stiff triathlon and time trial bikes on the market.

Ideal for: Time trials / Triathlons

Classic Road

R Series

The R-Series bikes are engineered to help you achieve your glory - whatever that is for you. World Tour riders praise their unrivalled stiffness, light weight, and stable handling.  This bike wins races.

Ideal For: Stages races / Hill Climbs / Group Rides

Aero Road

S Series

This was the bike that kicked off the aero road bike segment. Cervélo has always been the leader in engineering and building fast, aerodynamic bikes. We continue the tradition with the new S-Series. 

Ideal for: Sprints / Criteriums / Solo Breakaways

Endurance Road

C Series

Our C-Series is designed to give you the confidence to explore, whether on an all-day epic or a short spin before work.

Ideal for: Long rides / Gran Fondos / Century Rides